About the club

The MDCC was founded in 1973 for people who find enjoyment and relaxation in the sports of canoeing and kayaking. The group was also formed to exchange information, to support preservation of our waterways, and to promote SAFE boating. We are affiliated with American Whitewater. Our members have a wide range of boating interests and abilities, from placid cruising to Class V+ whitewater.

MDCC activities

 One of the activities offered by MDCC is indoor pool roll sessions. Our roll sessions are one of the best ways to get started in kayaking. Roll sessions are attended by beginners and advanced paddlers. For beginners they are also a good way to meet people in the paddling community. We try to obtain boats for the pool session and for occasional beginner and rescue classes. The club does not own any boats and these boats come from our members.

MDCC on the web

We have a very active and lively presence on Facebook with boating trips posted throughout the year. Photos and comments on these trips are posted almost daily. Our Newsletter doesn’t have a regular schedule but usually goes out to our members three times a year, containing trip schedules, trip reports, boating news, gear for sale, and other items of interest. We also have a Message Board and an Event Calendar. The board has forums for buying and selling boats and gear. There also General discussion forum for posting trips and general discussion about paddling and related topics. The calendar is for club events and trips. Our scheduled trips range from Class 1-2 family floats to the challenge of Class 5 boating. Our paddling trips can take place in Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Close to home trips include Antietam Creek, the Potomac River, and the Shenandoah Staircase. The Lower Yough is popular in midsummer, and trips have ranged as far away as the Lehigh River in PA and the New River in West Virginia. Come and join us on the river!