How to Join:

Mason-Dixon Canoe Club Membership Application

Annual dues are only $10 per household. There are 3 ways to join:
By US Mail:
Print out, complete, and sign the application form above, write out a $10 check to "Mason-Dixon Canoe Cruisers", and mail to:
In Person:
Bring your completed application and $10 membership fee to the Winter Roll Sessions at the YMCA Pool in Hagerstown. These are usually held on 4 consecutive Sundays in March from 9-11 AM. This a great way to meet other club members and work on your kayak roll. You don't have to know how to roll to join because Beginners are always welcome!! We can usually help with gear too if needed (just post to the message board first). More information on the Pool Roll Sessions can be found in February on the Message Board and Calendar.

Pay with your Credit Card or PayPal. Note that a $1 service fee will be added to your membership cost to cover our transaction fee to PayPal.

By clicking the Pay Now button below, you agree to print, fillout, sign, and deliver a completed copy (via hardcopy or email a scanned PDF) of the memberbership application to the MDCC Treasurer. Email address of MDCC treasurer is on the application.

New members joining in November or December will receive a paid-up membership for the next full year.